Clement Chevrier’s PRO Trek Madone with SRAM Wireless

This is by no means a “secret”. Plenty of other sources have covered SRAM’s new prototype wireless shifting. All I’m doing here is showcasing a PRO bike that just happens to be using this new technology…

When a company goes through years of PR&D, in house testing and thorough engineering, the next phase is getting said product out on the bikes of PRO cyclists. This year at the Amgen Tour of California, SRAM unveiled a new piece of technology on the Trek Bissell Cycling Team: wireless shifting.

All I can do is show you Clement Chevrier’s Trek Madone team bike, you can make any assessments yourself. If, for example you wanted to guess what it’s like to ride it, go for it. If for example, you wanted to guess how it shifts or sets up, go for it. If for example, you think it’s “dumb” or “stupid”, by all means, you’re entitled to your opinion, but remember, you’re not PRO!

One thing I will say is that you’re in for a surprise… Thanks to Criag, the Bissell mechanic for hooking this one up!

  • nico

    i had this idea in middle school dammit

    • We tried to do this with Di2 for the Prius bike but weren’t able to.

    • MattyB

      They had it when you were in middle school, it was called Mavic Mektronic

  • lw

    Nice gallery, John. This is a game changer. Revolutionary, IMO.

  • Tyler Shannon

    What is this dark magic, and how did I not hear anything about it?! I love it

  • Allen K

    Just curious and likely unrelated to the SRAM bits, but do you happen to know what that zip tied thing on the non-drive side chainstay is? Race timing chip?

    • exactly! UCI timing chip

  • The stuff of dreams here! I do wonder though, you’ll probably have to charge 4 or 5 seperate parts!?

  • naisemaj

    Pretty cool shit and only a matter of time, I’ll be excited to see the astronomical price point too

  • Matthew Moore

    Interesting rear brake placement. Is that the norm now?

    • Owen Millárd

      On high end madones, yes.

    • Andy Brown

      Under brake! Probably a dura ace…

  • Owen Millárd

    Left shifter for up-shifting, right for downshifting, and pressing both toggles chainrings.

    • Ron

      Which prevents concurrent shifting of front chain ring and rear derailleur. Bad design.

      • Owen Millárd

        Thats just what I heard second-hand…

      • This all sounds like speculation from people who haven’t seen or ridden it. I like to wait until I use something before I say it’s a “bad design”.

        • Martin Torres

          It was in the patent they filed

          • yeah… but I would like to use it before I call it a “bad design”…

          • Ron

            I admit, I have not used the SRAM wireless system. My point is simply that if the system works as detailed in the patent and on other websites (i.e. that both buttons toggle the front chain ring) then I personally feel that is a bad design, imho. I often shift front and back concurrently on my Di2 setup. Having to do so sequentially would be a step backwards.

          • The current patents filed aren’t at all that simple. They suggest for operating the front derailleur you can press both buttons. However futher inspection of the documents shows far more options are possible (like pressing one side earlier than the other for rear shifting while shifting the front) and can be dependent on cadence, current gears, heartrate and power output. But anything is open since it’s in the development stage.

            And apparently it’s good enough for pro riders :)

          • Ron

            Hey, buy me a bike, pay me a salary, and I’ll ride it too!

    • hurricane_josh

      how does this work for a triple?

  • Prince Racster

    what exactly are the benefits of wireless shifting?

    • Hernan Ezequiel Montenegro

      For a custom frame builder it means, no cable stops or cable routing. That equals a cleaner looking bike and a lot of work saved. I’m pretty exited about it.

      • btdubs

        Framebuilders pride themselves on their execution of said details, though. Sometimes it’s not about making the job easier…

        • Hernan Ezequiel Montenegro

          Notice how I mentioned a cleaner looking bike first, the work saved is only the result of a wireless bike. But what do I know about frame building anyway, right?

        • It goes both ways there…

          • Zak

            The worrying things about it though Prolly are that wireless systems are prone to interference from other transmission sources and SRAM have a habit of rolling stuff out too fast.. If you have another transmitter with a lot more power it will over whelm a low power short range system. Basically you push the button and nothing happens..
            Eg a motorbike in a grand tour with a live camera feed. There is also the issue of security. Wifi systems are still pretty easy to hack.. Not an issue ion the road but real issue in racing.

            At the end of the day we won’t know until it rolls out though.. The proof will be in the pudding

          • I mean, I totally understand, but this is a prototype, not production, which is still year(s) out.

          • Zak

            I was under the impression the Uci allow prototype gear to be used by pros only if the realise date is in the next 12 months?

    • You bolt in the derailleur and it shifts, there no cable to retention or replace. You push a button and it goes… Forever, until you need to charge your phone.

  • C-Wheels

    The capitalization of the word “pro” keeps throwing me off. I keep thinking you’re referring to PRO Bike Gear. Which then confuses me, because why would a Pro Bike Gear rider be using SRAM. My brain hurts.

    • btdubs

      In the industry we usually refer to it as “Shimano PRO” to avoid confusion, as it is designed and produced by Shimano.

      • C-Wheels

        Appreciate it, but my comment was facetious.

    • I’m just joking about how serious people take “PRO” cycling.

  • adanpinto

    not so interested in electronic shifting…it’s more prone to fail and heavier…only a few advantages, shifting speed and the trimming of the front derailleur was nice untill sram 22 appeared.

    • Ian Stone

      Heavier is a moot point since they always add things to bring up the weight to UCI requirements.

      • adanpinto

        My bike (and I guess of most of the readers here) it’s still far above from UCI requirements…are you a pro? moot point for you then ;-)

        • Richard Smith

          Newer Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra Di2 groups are actually lighter than their mechanical counterparts I believe

  • Tommaso Gomez

    I have not ridden Di2 or SRAM Wireless, but I don’t really see the need for electric shifting – not when regular Ultegra is smooth and bulletproof. I replace my cables every spring, retention after a few break-in rides, and leave my shifting system alone for the rest of the year.

  • Jaret Gracey

    I’m curious to know what security features this setup has? As in, A.Contador is cruising up Mt. Ventoux and some dude at the side of the road with a devilish grin and a smartphone make A.Cs’ bike drivetrain shift into a impossible gear.

    • I want my drivetrain to ‘gram for me too!

    • Richard Smith

      I thought you meant in regards to how easy it would be to steal $400 rear mechs off of bikes locked up outside cafes

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    D O P E

  • Joe Doyle

    Craig Virr! Austin’s own. Nice.

    • Joe Doyle

      That bike is so clean with just brake cables. I wonder when we’ll see wireless braking.

      • Luis Pinto

        I guess that’s a bit more serious than shifting. If it loses connectivity you can crash – whereas with shifting that’s a bit more difficult.

  • David

    Pretty sure the reason you didn’t see XTR di2 at Sea Otter is they’re skipping it entirely in favor of doing wireless across platforms. Confident campag has something in the works for it as well.

  • Cooper Johnson

    Cleanest bikes ever: Coming Soon!

  • Chris Bartlett

    In a couple years they’ll have that shit talking to a power meter and making shifts based on torque profiles; we’ll never shift again!

    • In a couple of years, Amazon drones will control the world and Samantha from HER will be their queen.

    • Tyler Shannon

      crazily enough, this is actually going to happen soon enough with the new DA grouppo