Ben’s Ritte Vlaanderen Road

I’ve known Ben for years. He was a mechanic at Affinity Cycles in Brooklyn and I could always count on him for some solid commentary when I rolled through the shop. Since driving cross country with his BMX and road bike, Ben landed himself in SoCal, where he’s now racing for RITTTTAYYYYYYYYY!

Today at the Amgen Tour of California – yes, I’m still here – I shot photos of him, his Ritte / Clever donuts kit – with matching bottles – and his Ritte Vlaanderen road. I kinda like the owner holding up the expensive road bike theme going on here…

  • love that grey colour!

  • Jamie McKeon

    livestrong bartape

  • Al Cowan

    He needs the matching donut stem cap from mash

  • Richard Smith

    Proportionally, this set-up is dialed. Looks ready to pounce!
    I don’t know much about the Ritte brand, but I have seen a few out on the road lately (East Sussex, England) to my great surprise.
    Who makes them and where? Are they off-the-peg Taiwanese/Chinese frames with custom paint jobs, or have they invested in their own designs and moulds?
    Is there a USP, other than the ice cool marketing?

    • Carbon is made overseas, painted in the States.

    • Jeff Lai

      I know that early (Gen 1) Ritte Bosbergs were open-mould carbon fiber frames made in Taiwan… and Ritte Cycles has always been very open about that- the reason being that Ritte started as a kit/design company that got a team together for racing. Then they started making bikes when there was demand. The Bosberg is still a killer bike that shreds hard. Now that the Bosberg is in it’s 3rd incarnation, there have been many tweaks and customizations to the bike. Since the Vlaanderen is the high-end model, I can only assume it’s all that and more.

      Source: I’ve been researching Ritte because I want to get one…

  • btdubs

    Rocking those LA road tires. Nice to know these bikes have some good clearance. (25c Michelin PRO4s on 23mm rims measure out to almost 30mm wide once they stretch.)

  • D0rk

    I’m still kicking myself for not ordering that kit to go with my Crossberg.