Bare Knuckle Brigade: Hiatus 612 May 7, 2014

Minneapolis is a lot of fun, especially in the woods. Here’s a video from Bare Knuckle Brigade, shot in slow motion, featuring their kit and wind vest. Check out all of BKB’s products at their Twin Six’s web shop.

Thanks for sharing this video T.C.!

  • AttackCowboy

    Sweet video! Can anyone help me ID the bike in it? I don’t recognize the frame but I like it.

    • I’ll ask TC!

      • Jesse LaLonde

        Super rad to see this on the Radavist. Twin Six had a handful of bikes
        built for select team riders. The bikes were designed in house and
        branded Twin Six. The bike was built to my exact spec. Steel, fully
        rigid, single only, 18.1lbs. Thanks.

        • AttackCowboy

          They did a beautiful job; it was great to see it in action.

        • Now we gotta work on your hopping skills so you can clear those tracks! ;-)

  • T.C. Worley

    Thanks for featuring!

  • Jamie McKeon

    that kit is so good!

  • Tyler Shannon

    I’m so sad I slept on that vest. I checked on it every day, and when I finally went to buy it and it had sold out the day before. Everything the BKB guys put out I love

  • Keith Gibson

    Lots of things to like in the video-bike and kit. T6 does some great work