Andy Waterman Interviews Harry Rowland on Wheel Building May 8, 2014


Tracko turned me onto this interview with Harry Rowland the other day and since then, I’ve read it a few times. It’s a great read, accompanied with a couple of photos and a handful of exceptional quotes:

“A lot of my customers, they just want to ride a bike and enjoy it. One of the problems with these factory wheels is they’re such low spoke count that if a spoke goes out on the club run, you’re not going anywhere. You need to call someone and get a lift home. You’ve got to be realistic, save your high end wheels for best. There’s a place for them, but even professionals will train on 32 spoke wheels. When the photographers come along they’ll be on the best gear, but when they’re out on their own without a team car, they’re riding normal wheels.”

Read the full interview at Andy Waterman’s site!

  • Brilliant. The black spoke thing is bizarre, I never knew that.

  • Dan Fittell

    Nice, I love hearing from humble craftsmen, such a wealth of knowledge from years of toil and perfecting.

  • Brad

    He literally lives 2 minutes from me.Good to see a local guy from our little corner of England get some recognition.

  • Donald Stevenson

    I love this guy! And the part about how when you do it right, you realize they’re never coming back. The real deal.