Aaron’s Stinner Fundero 29’r Hardtail MTB with SRAM XO

During the Amgen Tour of California, I spent eight hours in Santa Barbara with Aaron Stinner. His framebuilding company, Stinner Frameworks has been on fire lately. From building the Mudfoot Elite cross bikes, to speaking at Mission Workshop and unveiling his newest model: the Fundero MTB.

Available in both 27.5 and 29’r these semi-custom frames are meant to take you to the trail and home again in (mostly) one piece, depending on how much you enjoy ripping. For this build, Aaron went with SRAM XO, Stan’s wheels, XT brakes and a White Brothers Loop 120mm fork but build kits are available in any group.

These frames are lightweight, come with a powdercoat, replaceable derailleur hanger and a tapered head tube. If you’re looking for a straight up, made in the USA shred sled, holler at Aaron!

After I shot photos of his workshop, I grabbed Aaron and his 29’r Fundero for a quick photoshoot at a trailhead down the block from his house… Next time, I need to actually shred this thing!

  • boomforeal

    that lilac powdercoat is dreamy… but is it just me or does the frame seem too big for its intended rider?

    • The seat is at it’s “descend” height. I built it for myself. If anything, it’s on the small side. Just how I like it!

      • boomforeal

        ah that makes total sense. you must be massive!

        • Almost 6’5″ with a seat height of 90cm. Now you know why I build custom bikes! Ha!

    • Aaron is 6’5″ dude… Saddle is just a lil low.

      • Morgan Taylor

        Seat could be at John Watson height, which is usually sky high!

  • It’s great how clean and simple it is!

  • barry mcwilliams

    Ach! Now I want one of these…But first things first…My CX is gonna be dreamy.

  • hugh janus

    are my eyes deceiving me or is that setup 27.5?

    • hugh janus

      oh wow aaron i see you are 6’5″ haha maybe they are 29s. props!

  • Those graphics are so clean, Aaron… Frame is awesome too!