2014 Amgen Tour of California: Stage 08 – Thousand Oaks

Man oh man. What a day! I’m still buzzing from the final stage of the 2014 Amgen Tour of California. After a week-long road trip with Rapha North America and Tillie, the new Mobile Cycle Club, we were all at our maximum capacity. Late nights working turned into early mornings riding and after a week, all the energy left over culminated into one crescendo of cheering and support for the PRO cycling contingency.

The final stage was a three-lap circuit up and over the (in)famous Rock Store climb. Normally moto and auto territory on the weekend, this road is one of the more treacherous climbs for cyclists in the area. That said, just this one day, for four hours however, the road was ours. Unfortunately, we had to begin early… Like, wake up at 4:30am and drive an hour to start our ride at 5:30.

But, as the saying goes, early to bed, early to shred. With only minimal aggression from motos and autos, we took to the hills of Malibu Creek State Park and eventually scaled Rock Store, where we greeted amass of fans, all in support of the ATOC and looking to party.

It was majestic. Even the pros got down. Thanks so much Ted King!

Read more in the gallery!

  • Best ATOC coverage EVER! Missing LA like crazy right now.

  • barry mcwilliams

    Killer set. Thanks for posting. One note (unless it’s a joke I’m not getting) I think “Frankie” is actually “Freddie”. Regardless, great to have you in town, man. Hope to ride w you again soon.

  • Keith Gibson

    Enjoyed the coverage this year. Makes me want to go in 2015 and see it in person.

  • whiteryanc

    Ted King to Wilcox beer handoff…ultimate nice guy contest in this picture

  • sauhsu

    atmo, this site has grown into something wonderful with its ATOC documentation. brilliant photography of the PRO bicycle racers (kudos to photos of Jens at his last ATOC!) and the friends that spectate and support cycling. fingers crossed documentation like this occurs during the US Pro Tour this year!

  • numberonebro

    any idea where to get one of those Mtb stickers?

  • Jamie McKeon

    remember when you used to hate Morrissey?

    • I do hate Morrissey but I’ll accept that Mudfoot uses the lyrics.

  • Trevor H

    I’d love to see more of that YETI road bike.. thing looks awesome!

  • David

    Huge propers for that dude’s a love supreme tattoo.

  • You can never have too many beer hand-up pictures! Great coverage!

    I only wish I made the time to get over to Thousand Oaks to see Mark sprint for the win!