2014 Amgen Tour of California: Stage 03 – Juniper Party

It’s always a given: mountain top parties. Whether it’s Baldy or Diablo, SoCal or NorCal, there’s always gonna be people / super fans / regular fans / cyclists who congregate en masse at the top (or nearly top) of a peak.

This year, the Amgen Tour of California returned to the hot and sweaty summit of Diablo. Once again, there was a congregation of people both at the tip top and at the various overlooks, parking lots and camp grounds.

Rapha set up their new Mobile Cycle Club, Tillie at the Juniper Campground to serve coffee, blast some tunes and offer a platform for people to park their bikes and fill up their bidons at the water spigot nearby.

You could say the cyclists swarmed, but it was the thousands of pesky – pinching – ear wigs that did that…

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  • Matt Long

    best coverage, Mr. Watson.

  • Alex Forbes

    Your coverage has me already making plans to go out there next year for this. PRO beer handups, definitely Rad. Also i am super jealous of the guy with the Google Glass.

    • jealous? why? hahaha

    • Wesley Labor

      Is it the top tube pad? So 2007.

      • shankshiv

        Think you meant: So 77 BMX.
        Maybe before your time?

        • Wes Labor

          Haha, true.

    • Robert Lew

      Tuesday was my first and only ride with the Google glass. It sounded better in theory than in reality. Spotty cell phone coverage played a part, and it gets hot sometimes (not great when it’s already 95 out, and I’m climbing 2/3 up Mt Diablo). There’s also a glass strava app with HUD, which I have yet to get working successfully. I think it also led people to think I was recording them at all times (not true). Great photos, John.

  • Watching the tour footage on Tuesday, I saw riders coming in with a beer in hand.

  • Ornotbike

    How can we make this happen more than just once a year?

  • We found an ear wig still in my girlfriend’s helmet when we got back to our car 40 miles later in Berkeley! Those little buggers weren’t messing around.

  • Jamie McKeon

    earwigs are SO gnarly

    • They’re probably gnarlier in OZ, right? Like they’re 4cm long with a deadly pinch or some shit…

      • Jamie McKeon

        don’t say thaaaaattt