2014 Amgen Tour of California: Stage 03 – Diablo

It’s been a long, long day. Or rather, yesterday was a long day. So long that I had to cut it into a few posts and sprinkle them on top of The Radavist’s 2014 Amgen Tour of California coverage.

The first chunk is the mid-section and the reason why we all rode up to the Juniper Camp Ground in the first place: to witness the majesty that is the PRO parade / party train that quickly ascends one of NorCal’s most (in)famous climbs: Diablo! Yes, it is a party train… Or at least we tried to make it one.

Now, as mentioned, there’s a lot of content to come from today, er yesterday, so if I shot your photo, don’t worry, it’s coming in a different post. Please don’t email / tweet / gram at me just yet, ok? xoxo

  • Darcey Moore

    the Wilcox?

  • Bradley Tompkins

    I see NORCAL is keeping Rapha in business…..

  • Those black and white single rider shots are killer

  • Chris Valente

    Haha Tecate is the new Coke for the Peleton! Also an awesome shot of Jens… that is definitely the shut up legs face.

  • Patrick Murphy

    haha…Dombrowski’s having way too much fun.

    • Alex Hillis

      Dombowski was hurting, but we all cheered “Go Joe!” and made him smile

  • Robert Lew

    rad photos, John. It was great to see you shooting yesterday. I’m the dude in the Rapha kit on Moots psychloX at Juniper with admittedly way too much tech yesterday (gopro, google glass, garmin)! Even with all that, you’ve captured the energy on Diablo much better than I ever could.

    • I got a RAD photo of you – will post it soon… haha

  • Matt Long

    Beer handups. bet those sips tasted so damn good. Great to see Dombrowski back in action. Damn he is willow thin.

  • S. Joshua Rogers

    John, I gotta get a copy of this to hang in my office. Rob’s peace sign is a great capture.

  • Alex Hillis

    Great meeting you! And loving the smiles on the Optum rider’s faces, and hearing you yell “Get 7 cold Tecates ready NOW!” as they came up the turn.

  • schue113

    Sir Wiggins is one of my favorites. Awesome to see him with a mean new half sleeve/chest tattoo and a little more meat on his bones compared to his Tour win. Inspiring rider.

    • Richard Smith

      More meat on his bones? You think so?

  • David

    I love your coverage of the ToC this year! Great stuff.

  • Public_Parent

    Great shots and great coverage, John; love it. We passed you between Cayucos and Morro Bay yesterday; you were in the Skratch car and my son was trying to get your attention from our car. Maybe we’ll catch you in Pismo. Thanks for the photos.

  • AB

    So glad I haven’t read a single story about spectactor troubles with the heat or the post-race descent. I had a spot on a giant boulder a little before Juniper, at the tail end of a steep portion; there were some people that I was a little bit worried the heat/climb had got the best of them. Solid operation by everyone involved.

    Great pics; Juniper looked like a good spot short the pincher attacks. I’m also glad to see you got a picture of Joe D smiling cause when he passed me he looked like death. On the other hand Wiggins looked fresh so Joe did his job.

  • Jordan Sanders

    The photos on this page won’t load – what’s up? I’ve checked multiple ways to view too. Any suggestions?