Well Used: White Industries VBC Cranks Apr 7, 2014


Even I was a bit skeptical about the ability for my Geekhouse Woodville to throw from a 50t to a 32t consistently, using White Industries’ VBC cranks. But more importantly, I was interested in seeing how the crank arms and rings would hold up to daily use. Well, the front derailleur still throws just fine and they haven’t shown much wear at all. Go figure.

With around 10 months of heavy use, as you can see, they’re still kicking and show very little ‘tooth decay’. There’s very little crank arm rub as well. My Woodville is primarily my around-town, errand getter, bar bike and my go-to ‘big fuckin rides’ vehicle of choice. It’s been camping, tackled the MSOJ and blasted through tons of 1-track.

I have to admit, these are some of my favorite cranks I’ve ever owned.

After receiving emails from people, asking to see updates on the drivetrain, I shot a few yesterday. Check out more below.




… and I haven’t even had to touch the lock ring. For more details on the setup, check out the original post on my Woodville.

  • Giovanni Jimenez

    I love this build. Used it as one of my inspirations for my surly cross-check. My version of a super commuter/fat tire gravel grinder bike. White Industry Cranks look amazing.

    Now that I decided to leave a comment, I wanted to share the following, PiNP has been my go-to for years. I’m excited about the new name and layout. I’ve always been inspired by the beautiful bicycles on this site and the cycling adventures you document. It continues to expand and enhance my views of cycling. Glad the site is turning into a collective/community. For whatever reason, I felt like sharing this.

    • D.J. Bolles

      It’s nice to let people know they are appreciated!

    • Thanks for that man!

  • StEvO

    Sweet setup.
    Top pull Force Derailleur???

    • I use one of those top pull adapters.

    • Jamie McKeon

      umlenker! he mentions it in the original woodville post… more info: http://www.bikehugger.com/post/view/uh-uh-uh-umlenker….gesundheit-a-widget-for-you-cyclocross-bike

      • StEvO

        Thanks for the link. Great solution for bypassing the pulley system,
        My wife has trouble generating enough leverage to shift front rings on her cross bike. I wonder if replacing the pulley with one of these do-dads might help.

  • AttackCowboy

    How are you liking the MKS pedals? I’m thinking of putting some flats on my cross check and those look quite nice.

    • I love them. They’re a bit slick in the rain or if they get wet, but I still ride them because I like ’em.

      • AttackCowboy

        Good to know. There’s no stronger endorsement than continued use.

      • Jonathan Raspa

        Had the same problem on my Gunnar touring rig, and solved it thus:

        I drilled out a few spaces on the top of the pedal, and screwed in some BMX pedal pins. Riding in Van’s Old Skools, my foot is locked on! Works great, and only costs a few bucks.

  • Fckbikes

    Totally dig these cranks, and hopefully will get some for my frame i’m building. Pretty much want to get as much White Industries on there as possible. I was wondering about those Jack Brown tires though. Do they ride/hold up well?

    • Never flatted on them. Ever. Had them for 6 months…

      • Fckbikes

        I’m sold. Hope they’ll hold up to my abuse.

  • James Acklin

    Anyone got a rough weight on these? ~850 grams?

  • Jaime Foriscot

    Hey John,
    Is true that these kind of cranks don’t work as smooth as the modern 11spd groups cranks with its own derailleur when shifting?

    I heard that, for example, Ultegra cranks fits better with its front derailleur instead of White ind. with Ultegra derailleur.

    Thanks in advance!

  • sometimesiridebikes

    Can we get an update on how this drivetrain has worked for you? Are you still using this same setup? Would you change anything if you rebuilt it? (Or have you?)