Watch Lance Armstrong Fix a Flat Apr 15, 2014

I’m not even going to say anything here…

  • h salinas

    All criticisms aside, that’s a great cap.

    • Right?

    • charlesojones

      I used to have that same cap. Bought it in SF while watching the race back in 1986, (I think…). Still have the matching poster on the wall in my workshop.

  • Adan Pinto

    too many drugs…poor guy

  • S. Welcker Taylor

    Are he and George W Bush slowly becoming the same person?

    • Keith Gibson


  • Ian

    “Doing pretty good for a guy who just learned how to do this.” Hilarious.

  • I’m not even mad. I want to have beers with Lance.

    • lucasvd

      As long as they’re not MicUltras, I am totally down

  • Connor

    Why is homeboy at the Broken Spoke in Santa Fe New Mexico?

    • He was probably in town for some event. Lance is rarely in Austin – he spends a lot of time in Colorado and Hawaii…

  • Dan

    paying the bills.

  • disqus_jpEhIaJu0A

    And for the next video: How to fix the last 20 years.

  • Captain Penguin

    Clearly been livin hard and puttin himself away wet…

  • Shane-Oh

    He should start doing clinics at MJs.

  • daustralala

    Kind of sad.

  • James Moore

    i literally have that exact same model and even colour peugeot.

  • TLR

    Lance-is-really-a-nice-guy-just-look-at-him-do-regular-stuff-while-you-forget-all-the-misery-he-caused-campaign GO!

  • Matt Long

    so pale

  • Charles Southgate

    When are you going to interview this guy?

    • I dunno – last time I saw him, I dusted him on our local trails. He was on a MTB, I was on my cross bike. There were witnesses…