Watch Greg Lemond Fix a Flat Apr 29, 2014

No controversy here… just a drug-free, three time Tour de France champion fixing a flat at NYC Velo in Manhattan!

  • Eddie Jacobson

    Tire off in 3 seconds.

  • Spencer Olinek


  • mp

    Hehehe, brilliant. Sweet bike stand btw… one day.

  • Aaron

    I should have been watching this guy when I was a kid, not football.

    • so good!

    • David

      Feel really fortunate that this was my dad’s hero, and that as a 10 year old in 1986 I got to watch American cycling change forever live on TV.

  • Wade Stevens

    Pellets … This is a dude that can laugh at himself!
    Mellow Johnny’s got nothing on this guy!

  • can someone tell Greg to center the label above the valve?