No Sus No Fuss Apr 19, 2014


No matter what MTB I’m currently reviewing, I love getting out on my IF. Sure, I’ve gotta be mindful with my lines, but it’s a no-nonsense shred sled!

I’ve been shooting a lot with the Fuji X-T1 these days, so there will be a lot of little posts like this.

  • With my daily driver in the shop, I’ve been riding my rigid SS mtb. Love how it takes an otherwise mellow ride and adds a bit of challenge to it. It’s certainly gonna make the FS feel ultra-plush when i get back on her.

  • Eddie Barksdale

    I’m digging this and the Geekhouse shot you posted yesterday. Would love to see more content like this, casual snaps from the day.

  • Nick Cantrell

    When did you start shooting Fuji?

    • So… I got tired of brining my 70-200 and my 24-70 or 50mm to events and having to swap lenses during events. That’s how I broke my last 70-200… dropped it mid-swap.

      I wanted a wide angle lens like a 35mm or 50mm for ‘lifestyle’ photos, while keeping the 70-200mm on for fast / action stuff and rather than buying another 5D and the 35mm lens, I just sprung for the X-T1 and the Touit 32mm. Even after buying a warranty, extra batteris, a Steel 16GB card and an M lens adapter, it was still $200 less than my new 24-70 mkii… yikes.

      That said, a mirrorless will never be as fast at servo AF as a pro-level DSLR but it’s perfectly fine for everyday use – but damn, they do drain batteries with the EVF!

      I love Fuji’s offerings and it’s all made in Japan, not China, so I’m excited to see what the brand has to offer.

      • Nick Cantrell

        I have had my Xpro-1 with the 18mm and the 35mm for about a year or so and love it except for the irritatingly slow auto-focus. I love the size and the image quality but I have missed a lot of shots because of the focus speed (even in good light). I have learned to manage it and still grab some great shots, but I do wish it was better.

        I thought about getting an X-T1 but didn’t think it would be a big enough change from my current set-up (wish it had more pixels… yeah I am one of those guys haha) . I am going to attempt to hold out for the rumored X-Pro 2 they have in the works for early 2014. With Sony’s new A7’s out I think Fuji is going to pull out all the stops on it.

        How do you like the 32mm? I have a 35mm and an 18mm and I rarely ever take off the 18mm. The size and perspective are really great combo for me and the 35mm always feels to close or too far away. I am thinking of trying one of the 55-200mm out and see how that works alongside the 18mm.

        The battery drain is heavy on these things! I have learned to religiously charge them everyday. If I am at the house the batteries immediately go on the charger!

        Also they are pretty and Black!!

        • The X-T1 is much faster at AF than the XPro1 and Fuji ain’t putting out the XPro2 for another year, if that. They have to develop full frame lenses (right now everything is for crop).
          I like that the X-T1 is smaller than the XPro1 and doesn’t look like a Zeiss Ikon / M rangefinder. There’s nothing worse than mistaking one for a 35mm rangefinder ;-)
          It’s a decent camera, well worth it’s $$

          • Nick Cantrell

            I will have to get my hands on and try it out. Thanks for the info!

  • Kate L.

    Don’t sleep on the Fuji XF lenses either. Their primes – specifically the 14/2.8 (21mm equiv), 35/1.4 (50mm equiv) and 56mm/1.2 (85mm) – are insanely good.