SOLD OUT: The Radavist Talisman Pocket T-Shirt Apr 13, 2014



In Elder Futhark, the rune raidō means “ride or journey”. It is the mark of the Radavist. This rune is part of the talisman logo featured on the front pocket. On the rear, the spirit animal of the Radavist, a jackal with a scarred back that walks on its tail and the motto “Rubber Side Up”.

These American Apparel pocket tees were printed using natural discharge ink at Industry Print Shop here in Austin. After a few washes, you won’t even feel where the print was. Make sure you wash them before wearing.

Scoop one up below for $25 + Shipping. Sorry, sold out…


Please read: packages are always getting lost to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. It is not my responsibility to replace lost goods. Please be sure your address is entered correctly and if you haven’t seen your order in two weeks, head over to your local post / customs office.

Packages are all shipped on Wednesday of each week.

  • Raving Elk

    But it’s still just a t-shirt with a pocket. Why should anyone care?
    Oh right it’s to support this blog, Yes?

  • trackosaurusrex

    Yeah buddy!

  • kennymatic

    No small size?? :(

    • There’s like 3 larges left… These went fast man. I’ll try to order more / keep stock filled now that I have an office space.

  • Once I pack and ship these, I’ll open a pre-order. Please, don’t email me requesting your size, just wait a week! And as always, thank you guys for the support!