In Stock Now: The Specialized AWOL Transcontinental Edition Apr 3, 2014


Since the first documentation of this project was posted on this site, I’ve been very interested in seeing the AWOL Transcontinental Edition touring bike hit local dealers. It is one of the most unique tourers I’ve ever ridden. My Product Review of the bike was thorough and Erik’s suped up Peacock Nuke edition swept everyone up in awe. Head over to Specialized for specs and contact your local shop for ordering.

  • Christoph

    This a bit strange to me. The race took place in Europe, but you can’t buy the AWOL frame set here. And there is no AWOL Transcontinental Edition…

    Thanks for all your work
    Christoph from Germany

    • Yeah…. I think they’re working on the details for that.

      • Christoph

        The Specialzed Store in Hamburg told me: “MAYBE 2015 for the frame set…”


        • Clément ‘Karibou’ Malinski

          You’re right, about the transcontinental edition.
          I’m getting a AWOL comp frameset in 10 days though. And I live in France.
          Maybe I’m some lucky dude, but I guess in Germany there will be some available too.

          • Coronabicis

            Same disappointment in Spain… Already planning a trip to France though. Travel to the south of France, buy the bike and instantly go awol by riding it back to Madrid. Awoliest way to get the Awol!

          • Clément ‘Karibou’ Malinski

            Sounds cool !
            But call before you run into the shop as they won’t have a lot of bikes available !

  • Tim Higgins

    Any chance this will be offered in Australia? It’s exactly the bike I am looking for.