Spring Classics: Rapha Shaving Cream Apr 23, 2014


It’s spring time, that means for those of you who live in frigid parts of the world, shaving has slowy made its way back into your morning routine – for us Texans, we never really quit.

Let’s be honest here for a second: I enjoy shaving about as much as I enjoy doing product reviews like this and while prior to being gifted this tin, I was more likely to use soap or shampoo to shave with, I do love the way this cream smells!


This Rapha Shaving Cream lasted me a year – almost to the week – and while it’s tough to justify $20 for something that literally washes down the drain, I think that’s a pretty good run. Topped off with the Post Shave Lotion and even my lady doesn’t mind the thought of my legs being smooth (save for the shin scabs).

I know, I know. It’s just freaking shaving cream. But it smells good and I’ve even bought the Travel Set to take with me on the road. I’m not telling you to buy it, I’m just saying I really dig this stuff. If anything, add it to your gift list for a cyclist in your life.

Or just use soap.

  • brennan

    Port Products and Ursa Major also have killer shaving creams…for made for the face, but great for legs too! All three are at a similar price point and worth it! Feels good and smells good. Way better than the cheap stuff.