Speedvagen: 2011 Road Machine Complete Apr 24, 2014


One thing’s for sure, custom steel doesn’t go out of style. While most mass-produced frames lose a considerable amount of value in three years, a Speedvagen maintains… This semi-custom, 54cm, Super Record 11-speed Road Machine is for sale. Everything is 80%-90% new and as the photos on the Speedbloggen show, it’s ready to rip. Contact Speedvagen for details – price is $7,500, which is a damn good deal.

  • Richard Smith

    Love those Pro cockpits! The bike ain’t bad either

  • adanpinto

    I guess the owner have had a bad moment to sell this bike. It would be difficult for me.

    • Tyler Shannon

      Nah, on the Speedbloggen it says he is upgrading to full custom