Run What You Brung Apr 10, 2014


Photo by Walton Brush

I’ve done this before. Your front tire gets shredded and all you have laying around is a red-backed Vittoria Randonneur. The difference is, I never took a second to document it. Nice one Walton! See more of the Walt’s world at his Tumblr.

  • Remus Andronicus

    Long time lurker, first time commenter, love the new site. Just a question though : wouldn’t putting a used tyre on the front would make you lose adherence?

    • Thanks for dropping a line dude. Honestly, if you did a ‘blind test’ – I doubt you’d tell a difference. Especially with a Randonneur and especially on a super chill commuter bike like this. It’s not a performance-minded road, or race machine ya know?

      • Remus Andronicus

        Right, maybe I’ve been too influenced by tyres’ manufacturers reccommandation ;).

        • I’ve learned that personal experience / learning > marketing

  • michaelvsShark

    New site is clean, but I feel disoriented every time I refresh the page. I don’t know how to sort what’s new, and sometimes even though I think I’ve read everything, I keep scrolling down and seeing posts I have never read.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Basically, the left “Radar” is updating all the time. The center “Reportage” updates maybe once a day… I just wanted a way to keep the photosets, stories and galleries on the page at all time since on the last format, they got bumped off every day.

      • michaelvsShark

        Thanks for clearing that up, makes way more sense now.