Run What You Brung Apr 23, 2014


My mom posted this photo on my FB wall this morning along with some sappy message about how I brought skateboarding, BMX and other things to their attention at a young age. Those are my younger brothers. As parents, I terrified them not by being a cut up in school, but by building kicker ramps and dirt jumps in the woods with my friends.

They worried, tried to dissuade me from skating and riding, even though I never broke a bone. Instead, they encouraged soccer… I kept skating until I was 23, when I got serious about riding bikes again. We were broke as shit growing up, but I made things happen – no that’s not a Bones Brigade deck, but it’s what we could afford – hell I think we bought it at a yard sale but I loved that damn skateboard.

Run what you brung.


  • Lois Sullivan Watson

    Emergency Room visits are not fun as a parent. You were a bit of a daredevil.

    • You should be proud as punch, Mom!

  • We all had a Veriflex at some point in our skating career.

    • JLN

      I definitely did.

  • mp

    That’s awesome. I on the other hand did hit the deck and wound up in the hospital on a couple of occasions. Still haven’t broken a bone though and still riding!

  • Javi

    Great post. All too familiar!

  • WTF Kits

    Pretty sure that’s an 88-87 variflex when they started copying the graphics more closely of VCJ from powell Peralta. I had a variflex cobra as my first deck. Skating is still part of my life. this pic is brilliant. Youth never wasted on the young.