Rock Shox: Introducing the RS-1 Fork Apr 8, 2014

Out of all the new tech we got to ride in Moab at SRAM’s Trail House, the RS-1 was my favorite. Later this week I’ll go into a more in-depth review, but for now, check out this press-release on this innovative suspension system:

“When it came time to best our XC platform, it meant reevaluating every element that defines the most winning XC fork in world cup history. A ruthless approach to material optimization, an ultra efficient energy saving lockout and quite possibly the world’s lightest air spring – all designed to enable riders to find their next line.

The outcome was something unexpected. A fork that ushers in a new-generation philosophy to XC rider efficiency, packaged in a chassis design never before seen by RockShox. RS-1 harnesses 25 years of creativity, refinement, and the courage to tackle the biggest engineering challenge of mountain bike suspension to date: the inverted chassis.”

  • Adam Hook

    The Marzocchi Shiver tried the inverted suspension thing about 10 years ago. I wondered why it never really caught on.

    • The proprietary hub / axle in this system stiffens the fork considerably.

  • Charlie Westcott

    Could you use the hub system in a non-inverted fork that wouldn’t have a fork brace? Would be crazy

  • mp

    I have fond memories of the original RS-1 – this one looks promising. I wonder what how much more the hub weighs compared to a regular hub due to the OS bearings/axle. When I saw “Predictive Steering technology” written on the hub, I thought that was an April Fools joke.