Rivendell: Little Silver Magnets Apr 28, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 10.27.43 AM

What better way to top off your Nitto stem on your tourer than with a Rivendell magnet?

  • This $8 faux coin sums up pretty much everything I don’t like about Rivendell.

    • Ok.

    • Nick

      To each his own. I’ve learned countless useful tips about bike setup, comfort, reliability, and maintenence from Rivy’s website. Everything I’ve bought from them has improved my ride and let me be a better home mechanic.

      • I totally agree and I don’t buy into some of Peterson’s rhetoric on touring. i.e. the whole “you only need one bottle” thing is absurd and wayyyyy too contextual for norcal riding. Also, I like to load low and in the front, not up to my back on the rear.

        That said, his work with Rivendell is really incredible and the MUSA stuff is A+!

  • Anthony M. Garcia

    Do you ride a Riv? If so, what model?

    • I don’t. If I did, it’d be a Hilsen or an Atlantis.

      • Anthony M. Garcia

        I used to be interested in one as the middle between my 520 tourer and Ciocc roadbike, but low trail is pulling me away.

        • I front load my tourers, so I like low-trail. Especially if I’m taking bags down trails and 1-track.

  • evan

    these magnets are cool. they sort of shimmy around sometimes, ending up in weird places… if you ride an all metal bike.