Ride Along: Jeremy and Piper from America Y’all

Way back when I lived in Brooklyn and was helping out Mishka with their D.A.R.T. line, this guy Jeremy emails me, asking about supporting he and his lady’s (now wife) forthcoming bicycle tour – any relationship that survives a cross-country bicycle tour is bound for marriage…

We sent them some gear and they took off on their journey across the US. Years later, I’m sitting in a bar here in Austin and up walks Jeremy, introduces himself and now I see him scooting around town on his Surly Pacer.

Jeremy started a blog with his wife called America Y’all and they spend their weekends exploring the parks surrounding the Austin area. Last week, I caught up with him at the Wright Bros Brew & Brew and shot some photos of him and his mutt, Piper. Check out some Ride Along questions below!

Ride Along: Jeremy and Piper from America Y'all

First of all, what’s America Y’all?
America Y’all is a little travel blog my wife and I run documenting our travels to State and National Parks throughout the Southwest. Our aim is to show people that you don’t need to quit your day jobs to get out and explore. We spend most of our weekends on the road trying to find somewhere we’ve never been before, while still making it back in time for work Monday morning.


Tell me about that front cargo… How do you keep her in there?
Piper my three year old terrier mutt loves to cruise around in this home made (staple gun carpentry) front basket. No need for any restraints, she just sits and enjoys the ride.

Where were you coming from?
I just came from sitting by the banks of Town Lake, rode down there to take Piper for a swim.

Ride Along: Jeremy and Piper from America Y'all

What made you want to convert a Pacer to a flat bar front-loaded townie?
I converted this Pacer to a townie out of necessity, sold my touring bike to fund a trip to the National Parks in Utah but still needed something to cart Piper around Austin in. Threw a Velo Orange portuer rack on the front and some 32c tires and it actually handles way better than I expected with weight on the front than I had expected given the geometry.

Favorite spot in Austin to ride to…
Barton Springs during the dead of summer, hands down.


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