Re-Stocked: Team Dream and PiNP Caps Apr 15, 2014


Sean from Team Dream and I found a few more of these purple striped caps. This is the last time we’ll be selling them in this colorway, so pick one up below! Made in the USA by Pace Sportswear!


  • tourdefuckyou

    After years of reading and missing out on stickers and other merch I am feeling pretty lucky to finally a little viking style coming my way. Just a little heads up if you come to Eurobike this year you should come check out Guten Biken in Munich. It is a unique shop that has a lot of things that might peak your interest. We can also offer some local expertise on rides in the area, be they on road of off road. At the very least it would be an honor to buy you a beer and a bourbon. Keep up the good work.