Porcelain Rocket’s New Saddle Bag System Apr 1, 2014


Let’s be honest, there aren’t a whole lot of innovative moves being made in the world of packbike bag design. So when I saw this new prototype saddle bag system from Porcelain Rocket, I got pretty stoked on it. There’s nothing worse than digging through a bag, as it’s attached to your bike.

This looks interesting! See more at Porcelain Rocket’s Flickr!

  • Doug M.

    The detachability/modularity isn’t a new idea, but the looped steel micro-rack that looks like it’s sewn into a sleeve in the harness is the first I’ve seen. Awesome.

    • Yeah, detachment has been done before, but not with a cradle like that!

  • Doug D

    I have had the pleasure of trying a prototype and it has other advantages than the modularity. It is a huge leap forward for me.

  • Flammpunkt

    Carradice have several types of similar set up: http://www.carradice.co.uk/index.php?page_id=category&url=bag-fixings