Manual for Speed Goes GIF at Vuelta al Pais Vasco Apr 17, 2014


So… Manual for Speed realized one thing covering the Vuelta al Pais Vasco: photoz r overz. People just don’t have the patience these days, or the attention span to sit through a gallery anymore. They want motion. They want action but they don’t want videos. Because, videos are boring too.

What did MFS do? They made a GIF documentary and my favorite is the helicopter.

It’s wild, head over to MFS to check it out!


  • Jamie McKeon

    allez tenspeed!

  • Amazing.

  • Richard Hardy

    This is utter genius. It takes photos to 11… Never a big fan of sitting through videos – somehow this shouldn’t be right but I can’t help but love it

    • quesofrito

      the body wants what it wants, richard.

  • Riley Ross

    The infomercial is a must for stopping the oncoming seizure. Good placement there.

    I really love the shot from inside the car on stage 1 and the twerking French #cobblegobbler.

    • quesofrito

      twerk twerk twerk

  • Erik Binggeser

    Makes me think I need to start doing gifs of the Driveway races.

    • … crashes?

      • Erik Binggeser

        Precisely. 10fps jersey shredding.