Lauren’s Casati Got an 11 Speed Campagnolo Athena Upgrade

The girlfriend bike. Or in this case, the fiancé bike. It can be a tricky, slippery slope, especially when you’re kind of – ok really – obsessed with bicycles. When I bought this bike from Andy at FYXO last year, it came with a C-Record gruppo. Good for looking at, sucky for climbing hills – for Lauren anyway. We quickly found out that that 8-speed cassette didn’t have the gear range she needed to pedal up to Austin’s beautiful vistas…

This bike sat on my wall for about a year, collecting dust.

Something had to give. Then I got an email from Campagnolo. Turns out, I went to highschool with the PR head in Italy. Small world, huh? He wanted to get Campy on one of my bikes and I said “no way bro, SRAM all day”, or something like that. But… I had an idea. Let’s take Lauren’s Casati and swap out that old Rekkerd gruppo for some silver Athena 11-speed.

Days later, a box showed up. Inside was a full gruppo, complete with Campagnolo Athena cranks (50/34) and a 12-29 cassette in the rear. I contacted Ben at Velo Mine to see what deals he had on wheels. His hand laced White Industries wheels to H+Son TB14s are a steal.

There’s one mechanic in town that I take all my bikes to for maintenance and builds: Chris Chou at Mellow Johnny’s.

As any avid follower of FYXO will note, this gallery is inspired by Andy’s old bike build photos. Even the build is inspired by FYXO, down to the Campagnolo skewers on the White Industries hubs. What can I say, Andy’s got good taste…

The original build of this bike was 23lbs 10oz, this bike, as it’s shown in the final build is 20lbs. That’s impressive!

  • michaelvsShark

  • The pics showing Chris working on the bike are just great! And nice bike mate!

  • Wulfric Ros

    So what’s gonna happen to that old Rekkerd gruppo…

    • The manager at Mellow Johnny’s bought it.

      • Wulfric Ros

        Lucky guy! The casati looks amazing

  • Sebastian

    That frame/stem combo. Wow.

  • Richard Smith

    Wow! Does it for me! Girlfriend bikes don’t come much cooler than this..

  • Molly

    love that paint job. Looks like the northern lights.

  • hurricane_josh

    pedals? shimano a600 or something different?

  • phil garofolo

    That thing is awesome! There are few bikes that’ll look good with that Grammo stem.

  • Mmmmm. I have that same Arundel stainless cage, and fizik tape on my Peugeot. An Athena 11 group set may be in its future.

  • ForrestCambron

    Really motivates me to get the girlfriend build going… not that shed ride it often but is that really the point anyway? Any excuse to build a bike is an excuse to build a bike. Beautiful build!

    • ForrestCambron

      Just noticed my excessive use of the word “build”

  • Ken Neville


  • Gui

    Fantastic job! Looks like the grammo was made for that frame.

  • daustralala

    Love all of the parts but the stem. :|

  • Frederick Landry

    Wow!!! We work exclusively with Casati here in Montreal, Canada and I have to say you did great work there!