Kenny’s #Messlife De Rosa

If you love something, thrash it. That’s exactly what Kenny has done with this bike. When he picked up this frame off local Craigslist, he was looking for a classic steel workhorse. It just so happened that he snagged a De Rosa… for a song. If you’re going to spend all day on a bike, it might as well be a great ride, right?

Using mostly spare parts and some swap-found components, he built it up with SRAM force, Profile hubs to H+Son Archetypes, trigger shifters on riser bars and kept the vintage 3T stem. A Wald Basket helps out in light and easy carries while Kenny still wears a backpack throughout the day for the bigger hauls.

This bike has character. The chain lock and u-lock bite marks on the Columbus decal alone do it for me!

  • Erik Binggeser

    I’ve always wondered about the compatibility of trigger shifters to road derailleurs and vice-versa, but I guess if it’s all sram then they will usually play nice together?

    • For the most part.

    • DominicBruysPorter

      the only road-mtn cross from one company within the same gearcount that doesn’t work out of the box, as far as i know, is shimano Dyna sys mtb with their 10sp road levers. Which IMO is a damn shame. I’d run a an XT shadow shortcage with a road lever for cross for sure.

  • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

    This thing is beautiful. Also, who said you only feature “boutique” bikes?

    • itsme

      i don’t know if you’re refering to me. What I ment a couple of posts ago was, that you can of course buy a 5000$ titanium custom frame (and blog about it). What you can’t buy is the true spirit of cycling, which is captured in bikes like these. Anyway, thanks for those beautiful pictures. A fellow reader from germany;-)

      • I think that was more of a rhetorical question…

      • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

        It was definitely a rhetorical question. I wholeheartedly agree that the true spirit of cycling is captured in well used gems like this. I think this blog does a fine job of doing that no matter what bikes are featured. Mr. Watson gets excited about all kinds of bikes and it shows.

        • That and, at a certain age, people like to ride nice shit. Just because someone has a MOOTS, or a Firefly, or an Argonaut, it doesn’t mean they’re lacking the “true spirit of cycling”…

          • Brian Cottrell-Thompson

            I concur. I think “true spirit…” has more to do with the person riding the bike than the bike itself.

  • Stefan Vapaa

    In case anyone was wondering why it looks different from what they are used to seeing, this is a De Rosa of Fabbrica Biciclette De Rosa founded by Raffaele De Rosa and is wholly separate from the De Rosa company in Milan founded by Ugo De Rosa. They’re still very nice bikes but the two companies are unrelated.

  • Wade Stevens

    total package total rad

  • Skizz

    Not a fan of seat stay stamping, not a very simple/integral design imo.

  • h salinas

    There are a lot of sweet whips that have come across your site, John, but these are the profiles I always enjoy the most. As much as a love to see a new moots or argo (and I do!) these battle tested and worn steeds always remind me of the relationship you have with your day-to-day ride and how it’s the base by which all other rides inevitably are compared. Thanks for the good work, keep it up.

  • kenny

    Risers on steel road bikes are the fucking best!

  • Alex Forbes

    This bike is freaking awesome. I’ve seen him tooling around town on it a few times. Also, is there anyway to get these images in full size for my computer background?

  • FuckingFixie

    Messenger and well used bikes are my favourite.

  • Western Rapid

    I saw this bike chained to a tree when I was in Austin for the grand prix last year (I’m from London)! I was so stoked to see it, I took photos of it, ‘grammed ’em and contacted Kenny! Brilliant bike!

  • boomforeal

    that bike has soul

  • Ian Stone

    How do I scroll through the pictures when I click on one of the folders under “Reportage” at the top? I can’t figure out how to show more than the 4 most recent bikes.

  • Janistan de Montaigne

    Awesome bike. Modern Gruppo combined with a old steel frame wins!
    Just out of interest: what BB did he use here?

  • Lachlan Wheeldon

    Is this G&F Kenny?