Not Just for Enduro: Giro Terraduro MTB Shoe

Last year, Giro introduced their new Terraduro shoe at Eurobike. This was a heavy nod to the growing enduro crowd, salivating for “enduro specific” products. For the rest of us, who don’t enduro, bro – these shoes offered a new Vibram sole to a tried and true MTB platform.


I spend a lot of time off the bike when I’m photographing events or even shooting photos on a ride, often scaling rocks, jumping from face to face and then descending back down to the trail.

On normal MTB shoes, this can be dicy, only because you have to think more when walking down slippery rocks. With these, you just walk around like you’re in hiking boots.

I think that's "mud"...

Running around wet, muddy courses and then climbing rocks isn’t an issue here.


The Terraduro has quickly become my go-to MTB shoe. For example, at last weekend’s Whiskey Off Road, I took full advantage of the rocky outcroppings lining the course to photograph the racers from above. Scaling them was easy, even as the snow melted down, leaving the rocks slick and “DANGEROUS” – someone yelled at me for doing this.

Giro Terraduro

Before it sounds like I’m crowning these as the “best shoe ever”, I will say that the Vibram sole adds a bit of weight. Like almost 100 grams for the pair – which totals 420 grammmssss duuuuuuude.

Giro Terraduro

It’s kind of daunting when you hold one, compared to a regular carbon-soled shoe, but it’s a worthy sacrifice to have a pair of shoes that feel great to hike in. Or hike a bike in… Or bike to hike in. Or whatever.

Giro Terraduro

Scoop up a pair in black or blazed out orange from Giro for $180

  • I very nearly bought these. Third floor walkup with stone steps and SPDs… went Privateer in the end though. I did think these would be perfect work-ride shoes for you, John.

    • They’re pretty damn good. I didn’t like them at first (mostly because of their size / weight) but I don’t want to wear anything else on a MTB now.

      • Ian Stone

        So Privateers for racing and Terraduros for everyday riding?

  • Raymond Walker

    Murdered out version? CHECK! Sign me up… Though the soles on these ‘look’ a bit less tready than the Rime, it’s still the same Vibram, and weigh the same. I don’t notice the weight myself, even on long multi-day trips. I have been looking for a lil switch in the shoe dept for a while now.

  • tylernol

    I have been tempted by these and those special edition leather empires , but the deal breaker has been that I am a euro size 50( on my sidi’s), and giros seem to only go up to 48 and seem to fit similarly to Sidi’s, so ..bummer.

  • Richard Smith

    My Giro MTB shoes (Gauge) squeak. A lot. To stop it I have to lube my soles, which is not ideal for hike-a-bike duties. Does anybody else have to deal with this shit?

    • The shoes squeak or your pedals / cleats squeak?

      • Richard Smith

        I think it’s the sole of the shoe rubbing against the pedal.
        It happens on multiple bikes, but doesn’t happen if I change my shoes so I’m fairly sure they’re the common denominator.
        It’s a shame because the shoes are really comfy when the weather’s good.

        • So… your sole rubs the pedal and squeaks? You’ve got some noisy bikes! It’s probably your pedal bushing. Try lubing your pedals. Mine do that if I ride dusty / dry trails.

          • Tim Johnson

            Try using candle wax to quiet the pedal/cleat noise. Its a longer lasting solution to lube. I am wondering about the protection the shoe offers the ankle bone. The collar of the shoe seems low, especially on the outboard quarter. Have any of you experienced sand/pebbles entering the shoe?

        • Michaelzachary

          I had the sole squeak issue on my old Giro shoes and fixed it with a blade. Looked like shit when I was done but saved my sanity by eliminating the annoyance.

        • I have that with time pedals every know and then and I figured its the pedals. Lubed them, the actual pedal not the spindel and the problem was solved. Have to re lube them from time to time but all good so far. Try that

  • Can anyone chime in on how the toebox fits compared to other shoe brands..i.e: Narrow, Normal, Wide or like (fill in the blank) brand?

    • I personally think these fit a bit wider than other Giro shoes. Just a little though. Not as wide as the HV models.

  • Would I go for the same size I wear in my Privateers? Looking for a shoe I can actually walk in during dirt rides and I only heard good stuff about them. Love my Privateers but they do suck for walking/hike your bike stuff. Since when do MTB’s shoes suck for walking btw? Anyhow, should I go for the same size?

  • wunnspeed

    I’m a singlespeeder, live in the Alps and do a lot of bike packing. That spells a fair amount of walking at times. My carbon soled S-Works just don’t cut it on that account. So, I bought a pair of these, sight unseen. I was at least lucky enough to find a pair of Privateers locally that I could get a good idea of fit. I have a really narrow foot (ala the Spez. shoes). In any case… I LOVE these shoes! I think I’ve put my Spez. on once since I received the Giros. I really like the orange/black color scheme… the all black is really (yawn) boring. Almost like a black hole of interesting. In any case, I’d recommend these over the Rimes anytime if you need to walk at all. The Rimes bruised the bottom of my feet at the cleats because the sole is too shallow. Thanks for the review.

  • Raoul Morley

    Well I took your word on these and they’re awesome, super comfortable, I’ve walked round London, helped out in a bar and even ridden a bike in them, just great, easily as comfortable as my dominator’s actually thinking of a second pair so I’ve always got a dry pair in my flat.

  • Duuuuuudeeee, the blazed out orange are farrrrrr outtttttt