Jeff’s Rock Lobster All Road

Jeff Traugott is an artist and his palette is wood. He makes absolutely stunning handmade acoustic guitars in Santa Cruz. These pieces sell for tens of thousands of dollars and are a hot commodity.

It just so happens that Jeff’s shop is right next door to Rock Lobster. Both he and Paul are inspirational individuals who have made a living doing what they love. The word entrepreneur gets thrown around a lot these days, but these two are fuckin’ living the dream.

When Jeff isn’t building geetars, he’s out on one of three Rock Lobsters, this being one of them, an “all road” bike with long-reach calipers and Campy 11 speed. My favorite detail, aside from the frame, is the Calfee-wrapped carbon Easton stem to ENVE bar combo. Perfect solution for the inevitable slipped bars when blasting down rutted, gnarly descents.

I spent two days riding alongside this machine, which happens to be my size. After the first day’s ride from Santa Cruz out to the coast, I snatched up this bike and took it for a quick photo shoot as the marine layer rolled in over the redwoods… #NatureIsMetal

  • hans

    really dig this. i bet the combination of those stiff bars/stem, steel frame and challenge tires make for a great feeling bike. and frame pumps ftw

  • CyclingNerd

    Lovin’ all the Rock Lobster coverage! That headtube badge is so rad…along with everything else here too.

  • Gabriel Fukfasebock Ytterberg

    Nothing says “I ride the crap out of this bike” like a worn out inner chainring.

  • Adan Pinto

    Beautiful! I wonder why we don’t see more long reach brakes in this kind of bikes…

  • Powell

    Nice mix of Bay Area, Italy, and Japan on this one

  • marty larson

    This…this bike just GETS me. Good gosh almighty.

  • Goog Smells

    What an awesome ride! The frame pump looks great, too, but I feel like that Rivendell bottle is loathe to be seen on a bike with an 11sp drivetrain.

  • krashdavage

    Beautiful bike bar the turd Shitmano wheels. Very out of place on this steed.

    • run wut u brun breh

    • hans

      i’ve got 105 wheels on my cross bike which is usually ridden more like a mountain bike. i didn’t expect them to last that long but have been rolling on them going on 9 months and have broken 1 rear spoke and they’ve been trued only once. happy with them so far

    • Christopher Kreschollek


  • Guest

    Don’t need no stinkin’ disc brakes! This bike is the absolute shit!

  • btdubs

    I gotta really wonder what’s in those bottles. Looks like orange juice and coca-cola.

  • Johnny Burrell

    If people only have one road bike it should be like this one. A more classic matching campy wheels would better suite the bike than low spoke Shimano’s, but this isn’t a show bike. Love the color as well.

  • Salim Riley

    What are those silver points on the outside of the big ring?