Jake’s Caletti Steel Wül Road

Steel Wül is a club in Santa Cruz, founded by Jake Hess, a local fire chief. He started the club to give people a super chill platform to explore the many roads in the area. I got to ride with Jake during the Giro #SantaCruzEffect event and his Caletti steel road bike looked so damn good the whole time.

Some of my favorite details are the custom-painted Ritchey stem, his family’s names on the stem cap, his battalion number on the NDS top tube, Steel Wül branding and the paint. When we rolled out of the Giro offices, the morning light made the frame just pop.

Granted, it looked even better after descending down that gnar gnar gravel on Gazos Creek…

  • hans

    that’s a fantastic looking bike! proportional and everything but the personal touches are what does it for me. would like more info on that under saddle bag…and thanks John, for photographing bikes that are dirty and loved!

  • …this is a beautiful bike!

  • erick

    Why does the fillet-brazed stem look identical to the new Ritchey stem? I’m confused.

    • You’re right. Editor’s flub (i.e. writing post copy at midnight)…

      • erick

        With as much writing you do for the site, I’m sometimes amazed you get it all out error free. Keep up the good work.
        Source: I’ve spent time as an academic editor (who rides bikes).

  • Richard Smith

    Nice bike. What cranks are those?

  • Brian Sims

    What saddle bag/wrap is that? Spiffy for sure

    • It’s something Jake had made – I *think* it’s part of the new Steel Wül product line… I didn’t mention it in the post to gauge interest…. ;-)

      • Brian Sims

        I want, scratch that, need. Let us know when the first batch is ready. :-)