I’ve Got the Jack Brown Blues Apr 21, 2014


… continuing with the Fuji X-T1 test shots, I wanted to sing praises of these tires. Made in Japan by Panaracer, the Jack Brown “Blue” label 33.3 tires have been very good to me. I’ve yet to flat on them and even examining the tread as I was shooting this photo, I found a number of thorns and copper wire pieces stuck in its hardy casing.

If I had to guess how many miles I’ve put on them, it’d be over 1000. Most of which are from around town trips.

Sure, the rolling resistance is higher than other comparable offerings – including the Jack Brown “Green” – but for an around town / touring machine, I’d rather have a reliable tire than one that flats on thorns or road debris.

Pick up the Jack Brown Blue tires at Rivendell for $63 /each or $126 for a pair.

For those wondering about the camera and lens, this is my Zeiss 28mm f2.8 on the X-T1 shot wide open.

  • Rogan

    I have the greens with 1000+ miles and also yet to flat!

    • Kevin Jeffery

      How do they roll compared to something like a file tread CX tire?

      • Rogan

        I have no idea sorry!

      • hans

        i’ve ridden probably close to 3-4k on a set of greens with a moderate amount of flats (one flat though from SF to LA) and the one i had on the back is showing through to the threads in a couple spots. Most of their life was spent on LA roads which can be pretty shitty. i love the way they ride; supple and voluminous. they are a bit wider too then your typical cross tire and the added volume allows you to run them at a lower pressure than you might run a file tread which can make up for the fact they are essentially slicks.

  • I got the Jack Brown Blues on my space horse. I love em! Super comfy and fast for the smoother sections. Take gravel and dirt with ease.

  • Tim F

    The Pasela’s a great tire to

  • balthazar

    I have about 700 miles on my GREENS. flatted once about 400 miles ago and cut into the tread. this is on LA streets, lots of debris. they’re still going strong though. i just left the tire cut because they’re expensive (tube isn’t protruding) and they are super fast and light considering their volume. the tread barely shows wear. great tires. What PSI do you guys run them at? I vary PSI depending on what kind of riding I want to do. Some days I’ll go down to 60/65 and others 75/80.

    • Rogan

      65/75 for ‘roadie’ riding

  • Tyler Johnson

    These look great. Been needing some new skins for the Sizemore Commuter. Gonna probably get these. Thanks for sharing John.

  • Robo Vazquez

    Nice. I just bought a Fuji X10 and I love it. Can’t wait to upgrade. That’t some great rubber by the way.

  • James Acklin

    I have a set of Blues on my Nature Boy with fenders. They’re incredibly supple and fantastic for zipping around town. 60 psi is just about right, even for the occasional gravely doubletrack.