Introducing the Cielo Road Racer Disc Apr 11, 2014




Cielo is on fire this year! All their new frame offerings look incredible. The latest being their newly-announced Road Racer Disc. These new disc-equipped frames feature a Press Fit 30 bottom bracket, tapered fork, lightweight steel tubing, come with a Chris King InSet 8 headset and an ENVE fork for $2,495. See more at Cielo!

  • Beautiful bicycle! Too bad it’s not aluminium…

    • why’s that?

      • Richard Smith

        Some people just dig the ride of ally I guess. I must say though, for the kind of roads this bike is designed for riding, steel would be my go-to choice!
        This bike is cool. The finish is something special. I guess it’s hard work internally routing that rear brake hose? That’d certainly tidy it up some. I also worry about the longevity of the finish on those ENVE forks. That brake hose has gotta rub.
        Guess I’m not ready for disc brakes on road bikes just yet

      • Never felt connected to any steel bike..

  • Keith Adams

    In my best George Takei “Ohhhh myyyyyy”.

  • Keith Gibson

    Already ordered the non-disc road racer. Too bad this wasn’t shown in Charlotte last month.