Horse Cycles: 2014 Urban Tour Summer Pre-Order Apr 29, 2014


After a successful Kickstarter and a booked pre-order last year, Brooklyn’s Horse Cycles continues to offer four very affordable, made in the USA frame options, ranging from racer to casual cruiser. Check out the full details at Horse Cycles and see the other three frame offerings below.




  • Lovely-looking bikes. 2014 Urban Assault looks great, if a little slack-angled. Zero technical/geo/material info for the production framesets on the Horse website though, like literally nothing. Any write-ups elsewhere?

  • boomforeal

    why does the white one have a reverse-sloping top tube?

  • Xavier Carabo

    What gives with these professional photoshoots and then having the QR open and the chain on the small ring….Details!

  • Barry Trachtenberg

    I have a 2013 Urban Tour. It’s my favorite of all bikes I’ve ever owned. It’s beautiful, affordable, and incredibly sturdy and comfortable. I ride it all over town and on long 100+ multi-day rides. On every ride someone comments on the bike. I would buy another in a minute.
    That said, if you buy one, do get it checked out by a professional mechanic. Mine had all sorts of fixable problems: loose bolts, the wrong brake levers, and the handlebars were installed upside down. It was a pain in the ass and cost me about $200 more bucks to get it all fixed since I don’t live near Brooklyn.