Golden Saddle Rides: 2003 Nagasawa Road with Campagnolo

When I launched the Radavist, one intention was to give some of my best friends a platform to share their photography. Kyle Kelley is an exceptional photographer and his bike shop, Golden Saddle Cyclery, needs no introduction here. A lot of insane rides come through the shop and I miss out on photographing them. I had an idea… and passed it off to Kyle.

Golden Saddle Rides is a series, showcasing the many bikes that roll through the doors of the shop, beginning with this early 2000’s Nagasawa road. Coincidentally, this bike is FOR SALE and will be at the Super Swap Portland at the GSC booth…


Words and Photos by Kyle Kelley

This is probably one of the last Road Bikes Nagasawa ever sent over here to the US. I’m not even sure if there are anymore than a handful of these in the US. I know Richard Sachs has one, and there were a few distributors back in the day.

This one is from the early 2000s, I’ve asked Ty if he knows the exact year. It’s a mix of Campagnolo Record and Chorus. It comes with both 10 speed Brifters, 10 speed DT shifters and a set of tubulars. Everything is period correct. Down to the Cinelli bar, Nitto stem, and seatpost. It came from EAI.


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