Go Home! Apr 22, 2014


They always come at inopportune times. Say you’re putting your phone back in your pocket, or eating a snack, not paying attention. Maybe they’re waiting for you at the top of a climb, or, even worse, at the bottom of a descent. Roadside dogs aren’t exactly what I like to have accompanying me on rides. Especially big ones.

We’ve all got our tricks. A water bottle squirt, or yelling “GO HOME!” – this one works quite well – unless you’re in a foreign country.

This guy however had one thing on his mind: wheels. He didn’t let up until he was good and tired…

  • masterpiou

    I met a chihuahua with suicidal tendencies last week…

  • Met one of these on a ride two days ago in the middle of nowhere by myself. It went for me like hell, I went away from it like hell not knowing what lies behind the next corner. I was scared to say at least, it was a descent after the corner, I celebrated as fuck dancing on my bike.

  • MJR77

    Labs chase cuz it’s fun.
    Other dogs chase cuz you taste good.

  • Chris Loudermilk

    I used to try and out rum them. Last weekend I was riding to New Ulm, Texas and suddenly 2 became 4 became 7…out of no where. Instead of speeding up, I tend to slow down, let them bark, and figure out which ones are trying to cut me off. I ended up with one nipping at my ankle that I out ran…Still sucks but better than a superman over the handlebars after plowing into one.

  • Richard Smith

    Nearly got got by a german shepherd earlier. Fucking terrified, and didn’t have a water bottle on my cross bike

  • Joey Blake

    Had to outrun a goose in a 15mph headwind last week. They don’t understand “Go Home”

  • Andy Brown

    On one of my regular dirt road rides there is a wee black french bull dog that likes to give chase, rain or shine… I think he just likes to run, he follows me for a few miles then just turns around and runs back to the farm where he lives. He is fast for a little guy though.

  • Matt

    Damn good capture! Not the easiest thing while riding…

    I just got the ol’ pit-bull-barking-while-leaping-from-a-passing-car yesterday morning. All I could think to do was bark back.

  • KevinO

    SD county ranch dogs around Palomar = go faster bro