Giro’s Santa Cruz Effect Two Day Ride

Santa Cruz is a city that never disappoints. No matter what the occasion, I have a blast riding my bike. So when Giro invited me along to their Santa Cruz Effect media event, I gladly accepted.

Even though we were on a pretty tight schedule, we had two days of riding bikes in the woods and coastal roads of NorCal to look forward to. That meant we were to expect a lot of temperature fluctuations throughout the day, the perfect climate for merino wool.

The group included men and women, from all over the world, all of which were related to the cycling industry in some way. We had some locals with us, including Todd from Black Cat, Jeff Traugott, Jake from Steel Wül, along with a few Giro employees. Those dudes put on one hell of a ride, taking us through some great roads and down some incredibly fun (i.e. sketchy) descents.

Here’s our Strava from Day 1 and Day 2 for those interested in a route. I highly suggest doing this as a one-day loop. We were taking it chill…

Check out some narrated photos in the Gallery!

Tools of the trade:
Yashica T4 / Porta 160

  • Tyler Howarth

    Looks like a bunch of BMC granfondo’s – Did you get to ride one john?

    • Sure did! The aluminum one with Ultegra. I gotta say, I liked it – one of the first aluminum road bikes that I enjoyed riding. The discs were nice on the dirt descents, especially going down Gazos Creek.

      • Tyler Howarth

        An aluminum bike that Prolly likes – woah :D

        • I’d still rather ride steel… ;-)

          • Eddie Barksdale

            Till you get another Argonaut :P

          • The Yeti I’m reviewing is aluminum, the Santa Cruz is carbon. All I’m saying is I still love steel more than any other material. ;-)

        • Nicholas Schaub

          Aluminum with discs nonetheless

  • tanner

    Yes! Love this set!

  • Garrett Kautz

    You got to see some of the best roads! We got married at Pie Ranch…

  • mosklubban

    What is that pink/grey jersey on the forth pic please? Looks so good!

    • It’s all Giro New Road

      • mosklubban


  • Eddie Barksdale

    You’re pictures are leaving me stoked for my trip to SF next week.

  • John Caletti

    Really great pics! Captures the essence.

  • Paul Deutsch

    I know it should be all about the bikes, but that Peugeot!!