Giro First Friday 50: Empire Shoes in Sepia Leather Apr 4, 2014



I’m sorry guys, there will be a lot of product drops today and yes, all of them will be in limited numbers. The latest from Giro’s First Friday 50 however, look damn fine and I don’t even wear brown!

To purchase these Sepia Leather Empire shoes go here:
Mobile checkout go here:

  • tylernol

    $400? ouch.

    • Yeah, leather + hardware puts them up there in price…

  • Zach Kahl
  • Lars

    Love the brown empires, but I really want that ride wallet that comes with.

  • Dobry

    I really like this look, but I think the hiking boot styling would’ve been much cooler on the Republic. Giro should just make that an option, I’d totally buy 2-3 Republics – grey, black, hikingboot. But I don’t want to sound too negative. Great job, Giro.

  • Jimflip

    Shoes… um, yeah, ok. The tool-wrap is lust-worthy tho’ – where does one get one of those ?