Eli’s Punk Rock Lobster Road

It’s the week leading up to Sea Otter and each year, Giro invites a group of media heads to come out to Santa Cruz, ride bikes, talk product and soak in the #SantaCruzEffect. That means it’ll be slow for the next few days while we’re out riding, exploring the local roads and sleeping in cabins.

After our intro ride this afternoon, I scooped up this special Rock Lobster for some very quick photos – I literally had a few minutes with this awesome machine. Eli is the lead visual designer at Giro and he’s got a thing for punk rock, prompting him to add a few custom logos to his Rock Lobster. Many of which you should recognize.

The thing I like about this bike is its no-nonsense build, the simple color palette with matching stem and one of a kind graphics. Those Rock Lobster logo treatments look so good!

  • Tytanium

    Eli is the best! This bike is so rad in person and in photos

  • David

    Punk Rock cyclists are the best.

  • Dealva

    American Waste-Black Flag

  • Wade Stevens

    so good. this and your Geekhouse tourer should get together for a photo shooot

  • hans

    yes! this is so rad. did paul make the stem too?

  • barry mcwilliams

    Clean, shiny bikes are cool. Well-ridden bikes are that much cooler (I tell myself this because my road bike needs a bath in a big way).

  • shankshiv

    Jealous again and again and again

  • ipsofixto

    Graphics are cool and everything, but the best part is, it’s hand built by Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster.


  • Sebastian

    Weird seeing those bands on a thousands-of-dollars piece of machinery, especially having been borne out of the freak-bike crowd myself, but it’s sick all the same. Love that muddy-ass gray color palette.

  • Colin

    ok descendents frame decals need to be made available to the public ASAP

    • Christiaan2414

      Prob would not be a big pain to go to a print shop or something of that sort to get one made in a “generic” way as not to infringe.

  • “Will I still hop on my bike, and tide around town?”

  • Christiaan2414

    LOVE this beast. Punk music and cycling do go great together. I still remember terrorizing my neighbor hood on my S&M while listening to NOFX and Bad Religion. Almost 33 and nothing has changed. (except cycling has gotten more expensive, but worth it.)

  • Alex Rhino

    I cannot stop thinking about this bike.