Cycling in the US from a Dutch Prospective Apr 1, 2014

This is kind of depressing and uncomfortable to watch – like a bad Ben Stiller movie. You just know things are going to go wrong.

Having ridden all over the world, it’s interesting for me to hear this Dutch reporter discuss the lack of “infra” in US cities. When these clips are presented in a matter-of-fact way, it’s easy to see why we’re so far behind in the US…

Nice find Jeff!

  • henrilefebvre

    lived in Copenhagen for a while, had a hard time adjusting to “civilized” city biking. Though I want to see more bikes, it’s difficult to shed the resistant identity the cycling in the states produces.

    • henrilefebvre

      maybe not that hard of a time…it’s super nice there

  • boomforeal

    good find… enjoyed that

  • marsi

    you should come and ride here in greece. no bike lanes, shitty asphalt with bumps and holes. fantastic! i can’t say that i don’t enjoy it though, it’s like gta in real life!

  • Just spend a week in NYC (I’m Dutch). Although a good thrill, there is no possibility of relaxing in New York (or Brooklyn).. And even when I am racing through Dutch streets, You’re twice as fast as you are in New York

  • Honestly, even having dedicated bike lanes (though they may be just paint) is definitely an advantage over not. In Tucson, we have very wide bike lanes on many of our roads, and in some of the more metro areas, we have specific “Bike Boulevards” which have limited car access, or specific bike-route roads which have bike lanes separated by brick. Even on roads that have very heavy or fast auto traffic, I do feel sufficiently safe in a large shoulder.

    For myself, I think a physically separated bike lane (whether by poles or by curb) just complicates things and is overcompensating. What do I do when I want to turn left into a business, but the next exit from my special bike lane several yards ahead? The real change that needs to happen is respect between drivers and cyclists, so that such infrastructure isn’t needed.

    • Kenswil

      Maybe It’s unnecessary in Tucson you can have mellower solutions. Try doing some biking in NYC. The paint lanes are totally disrespected and drivers ride your ass and honk when you take the lane. More protected bike lanes are 100% necessary in many big cities. Respect is simply never going to manifest.