Chris’ Spectrum Track Bike

Over the years, Tom Kellogg has produced some insane track bikes, most of which go for a steal on eBay, Craigslist and at swaps. These machines have tight clearances, little details, great paint and you’d be hard pressed to find any two of similar breed.

Chris bought this frame off the Boston Craigslist years back. He’s raced it at Red Hook Crit and while it spends a fair amount of time hanging on the wall, sometimes he takes it for a spin into work at Mellow Johnny’s, where he wrenches.

Details include: custom fillet stem, insane seat stay cluster with bi-lam lugs, clearances for a 19mm tire up front, that fork, the clincher Shamals (rear rim was a road Shamal, laced to track Shamal hub) and yeah, that paint!

  • Noel

    Had the chance to score a Spectrum pursuit frameset on eBay a few years back, still kicking myself over it..

  • David T

    Raleigh Technium-ish colors-ish!

    PS – I can view the photos on my 13″ without adjusting the zoom/full screen! Yes!

  • DAT SEAT STAY, DAT STEM.. dude this thing is niice. all those campy bits. YUM

  • kermitonwheels

    Whoa what a bike! Those Shamals are the perfect wheels for this bike. I never thought I’d say that.

  • Wade Stevens
  • Ryan Rubino

    It was great growing up next to the T-town velo where these bikes where born and bread. That paint…