Chris McNally’s Falconer Rigid Trail 29r Tourer

This bike is an all-purpose, 1-track gobblin’, trail rippin, rigid, bikepacking shred sled. Built by SF’s Falconer Cycles and designed to carry multiple bags, on front and rear racks, for days on end. Basically, it’s artist Chris McNally‘s new love.

In short, it’s a rigid 29’r, more specifically, it’s a touring bike, designed to take on the real Lost Coast route – more to come with Behind the Redwood Curtain – and still be stable enough to take on trails while loaded.

Loaded with Blackburn Outpost racks, Barrier Universal Panniers and other random Blackburn accessories, this bike did it all. From carrying camping gear to the top of Granite Mountain outside Prescott, to a half-full keg down to the Whiskey Off Road bacon handup spot, Chris had the best tool for the job.

See more of this beaut in the Galley!

  • Michael Schiller

    beautiful bike and very purpose driven. Love the segmented fork too. Is the fork suspension compatible?

  • Ian Stone

    I love those saddles so much.

  • adanpinto

    These pictures reminded me with shimano you can have a cheap groupset with top of the range performance…I will always thank them when I started racing at age of 11 I could buy a 105 seven speed groupset for my bike, getting even better performance than with the ultra-expensive (and ultra-heavy and out of my reach) campy components from that era (C-Record, Croce D’Aune, Chorus, Athena…). While the italian where on Delta brakes and friction I was in ultra smooth and powerfull dual pivot slr brakes and indexed gears.

  • Clément ‘Karibou’ Malinski

    That’s some serious rubber in here !
    looks rock-solid but smooth rider. Super cool bike, and those blackburn racks looks really fine too, a serious option to consider when putting together an alternative-offroad-tourer-kindabike.