You Can Google My Tires Call Em Gatorskins Apr 16, 2014

Please, don’t be offended by the lyrics in this song. Take it at face value – and there are some pretty good references mixed in there. Fixie gangsta trap rap is here to stay.

  • This is, very surprisingly, not that bad. And if it makes people ride bikes I’m all up for it.

  • Patrick Murphy

    I love that despite how hard this dude is, his mom still worries about him riding brakeless. Priceless.

  • Matt Long

    Chicken fingers ! Nice.

  • Keith Gibson

    Never knew there was a “fixie goon” culture. You learn something new everyday.

  • michaelvsShark

    I gotta get an ironic N.W.F. hat now.

  • Majaco

    Homie likes red lights so he can bust trackstands, then 2 seconds later hates them and runs ’em.

    So confused :(

  • evan

    this guy can barely keep with beat.