A Bottle of Bourbon and A Bicycle Apr 18, 2014


A few of my favorite things: Colonel EH Taylor Bourbon and my Geekhouse on a sunny Friday… After seven weeks of sobriety I’ve been taking it easy with bourbon. I’ve had a few glasses over the past week, but I’ve learned to enjoy it.

I don’t know why I’m posting this, all I know is I dropped a lot of weight not drinking for a month. Like down from 200lbs to 180lbs. It’s insane…

  • pgoretraill

    Congrats on the weight loss, it is quite shocking how drinking and the food that usually goes along with it can add on those unwanted pounds. Climbing must feel amazing now.

  • David Munson

    I’ve done that before. Lay off the beer for as little as a week and the change is there. About time to do it again, I think…

  • trackosaurusrex

    Looking good buddy!

  • Adam Roler

    Yep. Fun ain’t free my friend. And bourbon can most definitely be fun. Keep it reasonable brother, and congrats on the weight loss. I hope you enjoy the freedom that your sobriety has afforded you. I pray you don’t take it lightly. Everything in moderation…

  • Wade Stevens

    Good for you!
    Time for the yearly slimming of the bear … Hope to be right there with you from 200 to 180 using the same time-tested technique.