Snow, Beer and Mountain Bikes: The Whiskey Off Road with the Blackburn Rangers

Let’s see, where were we? Oh yeah. We left off with the Blackburn Rangers at the top of Granite Mountain – 7,000′ – in the Prescott National Forest. Camp was set up, we consumed calories, sat around a propane campfire and after we killed all the liquor, we settled in for the evening. The weather report called for a 60% chance of rain and temps in the low 40’s. All was well, right? Wrong…

We had a busy day ahead of us. One filled with supplying the Whiskey Off Road racers with bacon and high fives. The plan was to descend to around 4,000′ at a site right before the last climb of the day and before a stretch of technical 1-track. From there, we’d blast music and shove bacon down the gullet of any hungry racer. My job for the day was to document all the fun…

Check out the full day’s Reportage from the Whiskey Off Road race with Blackburn in the Gallery!

  • naisemaj

    Did you catch the name of that guy rocking the Trek or where he was from? He and the bike look familiar.

    • I forgot his name. He’s from SF though and races for Zeitgeist.

      • naisemaj

        Gotchya, I think he may have a twin in Fort Collins. Pictures look awesome, love Prescott and wish I could have made this one!

  • Chris van der Kaap

    thoroughly enjoyed this reportage. well ridden, well shot, well… nature, bikes, fun. that’s it.

  • Daniel Martins

    Great Pics !

  • G

    Ce set est une source d’inspiration incroyable! Merci pour les beaux moments. On les vit presque qu’avec vous.

  • Guest

    whats the crankset on that trek?

    • datniqqanoel

      looks like a White Industries ENO

  • stefanrohner

    so beautiful images and places in the videos. why do they explain all the time their “”adventure”” stuff.