Ben’s Moots Psychlo X RSL Cross

There are bikes that epitomize performance and style, but few carry the brand clout of Moots. Sure, your dentist, or doctor might have one, but chances are, they didn’t spring for the Psychlo X RSL. This frame is arguably the best cross offering to come from the brand, with its 44mm head tube, PF30 BB, oversized tubing, shouldering-friendly – formed top tube and more than enough mud clearance at the stays. This ain’t your everyday Moots!

Ben’s a mechanic at Mellow Johnny’s, the local Moots dealer here in Austin. He picked up this frame for a song and built it up over a six month period of time, from used parts and new, with no immediate deadline in mind. A few weeks ago, it was ready to roll with a mix of Force / Red 22, ENVE and TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes.

We rode out to one of our favorite “hot laps” singletrack spots in south Austin and shot photos of the bike sitting in a field of Blue Bonnets, the Texas state flower. With Nationals in Austin this year, Ben’s starting to train for cross the best way possible: shredding trails!

  • Tyler Morin

    I love these bikes. I cannot wait until I have the cash to throw down on one of these beautiful frames.

  • Nick Cantrell

    Where is the best fast single track in town? Been to greenbelt a couple times and it can be kind of slow at certain spots.

    • There’s good shit everywhere – spicewood has some nice flowy stuff and mckinney

      • Nick Cantrell

        Awesome! I live by Greenbelt so I always go there out of ease, but I need to branch out. Thanks man!

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    Incredible shots!

  • carl bradtmiller

    small block rear slant 6 front, thats more central texas than the bluebonnets

  • Yokozuna Reaction!

    Seriously, John, if you haven’t tried these cables yet, you need to.

    • Eddie Barksdale

      Running Yokozuna and Sypres with SRAM levers as well, the most amazing feel. Haven’t found a pad to do them justice though, does Ben have any recommendation?