Beat the Clock Cycling & The Radavist: Crash Nationals 2015 Apr 12, 2014


Mark your calendars – get ready – Beat the Clock Cycling and The Radavist will be throwing one hell of an unsanctioned cross race Thursday night before Cross Nationals in Austin. There will be an afterparty, booze, fun times and prizes. More information to come.

If you’re planning on coming to Nationals in Austin, make it a week long event. I’ll make sure to keep you entertained…

  • Cody Baker

    Do we sign up here to reserve a table so I can order bottle service?

    • The only bottles we’ll be serving is Buffalo Trace!

  • Andrew Stackhouse

    Finally, the Stack is coming back to Austin

  • HombreDeBicycle

    and people were shocked about The Beer Mile… looking forward…