The Ass Savers Brookshield is Lightweight and Easy Apr 6, 2014


I hate fenders and as a Texan, that is ok. The rainy days to sunny days ratio is skewed. We’re in an extreme drought, so why would I put fenders on my Geekhouse Frontage Road Tourer? Pffft….

That said, I hate getting sprayed up the ‘crack with dirty water from the road when we do get a moist morning. Which is why I love the Ass Savers Brookshield.

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These simple mudguards are meant to protect you and your derrière, not your riding mates’ faces and not your bottles, legs or feet.


This thin, yet rigid piece of plastic clips onto your Brooks saddle rails.


… and catches any upspray.


If rain is in the forecast, I just drop it in my backpack, bar bag, pannier or conveniently just store it under your saddle. They’re inexpensive, light and best of all, not full fenders. If you don’t ride a Brooks, Ass Savers are also available in the Original, which fits just about every saddle rail.

  • You think these will fit a selle anatomica? I switched my swift out for one of them.

    • I think it would.

    • They do – I’ve used the BrookShield Wide on my own Selle Anatomica with success. Depending on your seat position you might need to make a crease in the plastic somewhere around the logo, but just send us an e-mail (info[at] and I can explain in more detail.

      Here’s a link, but make sure you choose “Wide” under size:

  • Claude Levenger

    I too hate, no despise fenders, but with collected use bike camping on full wrap, they are growing on me. Obviously when wet, but when dry they help keep dust and debri off your luggage and help keep luggage straps out of the wheels. I get the impression ass savers are more of an emergency type product, but did the pictured ass saver keep water off of your back?

    • D.J. Bolles

      What is the point if you are heading somewhere and you don’t have a skunk stripe but, you feet and legs are covered with crap or soaked?

      • Boots and Outlier pants. ;-)

        • Claude Levenger


      • Claude Levenger

        I was just curious. That’s an important fact to know about the product, I think.

        • D.J. Bolles

          Claude, I agree! That seems like the sole purpose of this product and the only thing that it can do in the rain. I suppose that was my point. – I like this product, it’s design, it’s simplicity but, it’s not something I’d ever buy. Here is Pennsylvania we get enough rain that I feel like I should have fenders on each bike…though I wish I didn’t have to. Hating fenders is a peculiar attitude, is it just an aesthetic issue?

  • man I had to make my own for my brooks, I ended up using the plastic they line ladfills with, ciked that a foldable one is out!!