Vanilla Bicycles: 2006 Horton Collection Randonneur Mar 10, 2014


This very special Vanilla randonneur was featured on the cover of the book, Custom Bicycles A Passionate Pursuit. It’s owner, Brett Horton, curates the Horton Collection, his own private museum of all things relevant to the golden age of cycling. I would post more photos on the site of this incredibly elegant bike, but you should just go to the Vanilla Flickr and see them for yourself!

  • Kat Daley

    I recognized that this was that bike from the thumbnail on FB. I think I bought that book in 2009. #custombikecrushproblems

  • Ian Sansom

    Where the hell do I get a flask like that!?

    • Edward Scoble

      Klean Kanteen.

    • That’s a bottle. In the days of yore, that’s how people carried their bottles.