This Weekend and 2014 NAHBS Mar 12, 2014


Top: Peter Weigle Bottom: Map Cycles

The 2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show is this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina.

NAHBS is my busiest time of year. Each year, this venue puts builders from all over the US under one roof to fraternize, share tips and ogle each other’s work. While many of the bikes clearly fall into the show bike category, most are specimens that represent the true meaning of a made in the USA frameset: hand crafted utilitarian art.

These two builders won’t be at NAHBS this year, but as I was scrolling through Flickr, I thought they fully represented framebuilding.

Starting Friday, PiNP will once again take on NAHBS, bringing you the best coverage of the show. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out last year’s coverage here.

  • CM

    i didn’t know there was such a thing as utilitarian art

    • I took a bit of creative licensing but I think most things made by hand are art.

    • Scott

      I would argue that all great art is utilitarian.

      • CM

        utilitarian refers to something that is made for a practical purpose rather than for aesthetics so by definition great art is not utilitarian.

        • Subjective.

        • Scott

          What is a practical purpose?
          Art that is (subjectively) great elicits thought, creates meaning, prompts dialogue, and engages with the world around it.
          I think that is profoundly utilitarian.