The Infinity Pedal Mar 10, 2014

Look, I don’t like to post Kickstarter projects all that often but I am intrigued by this one… Thoughts? My only concern is the platform (or lack thereof) seems like it’d be hard to mount and dismount effectively, especially in muddy or wet conditions but I’ve yet to try it out for myself.

  • AttackCowboy

    I was thinking the same. Plus you have to correctly slide into the front of the cleat which seems just as fiddly as mashing the whole cleat against a sided pedal, especially in muddy conditions.

  • Kev Montgomery

    I’d love to see someone review these… He seems to have a much harder time that I do clipping into normal pedals.

    • yep…. It’s like one of those bad infomercials. “Do you always have a hard time opening mason jars?”

      • Adam Miller

        I can never get those darned things open …

    • Adam Miller

      Yeah, it seems like if you’re not happy with only two engagement points on your pedals, then you’re also not happy with 27 speeds, so you have one of those NuVinci CVT hubs on your bike.

    • larsiman

      Agree. Looks really like he made it look hard, but it just makes him look quite hmm let’s call it unexperienced. Who the heck, riding somehow regularly, has to always look down to his pedals and even then doesn’t manage to clip-in???

  • Patrick Murphy

    His video suggests that he’s tinkered with it enough to function well, but I agree with the mud concern – might fare well in everything but ‘cross. Who knows, though, could be the best thing ever.

  • Adam Miller

    Similar to this: , except that this one is “road-only,” more pricey, and lighter (obviously, the weight difference is like a pair of socks).

  • discount sushi

    Will the tabs on the bottom of the cleat be susceptible to bending and will the cleat hold dirt and mud?

  • Noel

    If these are anything like the old M2Racer Orb pedals I used to own, stay far away.

  • Sam Jeanes

    Looks neat, but I wonder what will happen when the pedal starts to wear; I wonder if the brass rings on the pedal will wear unevenly and affect performance?

  • Eddie Jacobson

    I like how it goes full-on Call of Duty special ops flashback. Not downing the dude, though. Just funny. Kickstarter videos tend to be a minute too long across the board.

    • I think most videos could and should be under a minute.

  • naisemaj

    I thought it was a cool minimalist design, but at the same time I’ll probably never stop using time pedals. I’d love to see a review if/when they actually produce them though.

  • Scott

    I don’t want to knock someone for trying to innovate but I think this is more of an imagined problem than a real one. I had a learning curve to work through when I switched to clipless and the solution was simply to ride my bike and practice. But hey, if this dude can invent a better mousetrap then all the power to him.

  • Roberto Suttora

    As much as I like new stuff. I prefer a system, which has proven to function. Time atac for me please.

  • Zach Kahl

    Everybody help this guy raise $40,000 so John can get a free pair of pedals..

    • I actually buy products like that, to support growing US manufacturing. My Spurcycle bell is on its way… bro

    • Jamie McKeon


  • Ace Metric Cycles

    is it me or is blue missing here?

  • Ryan Riedel-Cronon

    this video had the same music as commando