The 2014 NAHBS Drive-Side Gallery

At a glance, this chop-job might actually appeal to some of you. Hey, it’s got everything you need. Low-riding porteur rack, shifting options, multiple paint finishes, massive tire clearances, rim options, disc brakes (hydro or cable) and a reasonable saddle to bar drop.

Doing this little exercise made me realize one thing: damn, there were a lot of disc brakes at NAHBS this year!

While I enjoy detail photos, the drive side of a bike lets you see so much, especially when it’s shot at a nice and level side profile. You can see clearances, BB drop, overlap, trail and reach.

The drive side photo is the most important portrait you can shoot of a bike, in my opinion anyway… This Gallery breaks it down. Flip through for easy comparison and if you missed any of these photosets, check out the 2014 NAHBS archive.

  • Adam Miller

    I particularly like the Surly Big Dummy-esque swooping top tube.

  • Jack Luke

    This is the definition of a #typbrology

  • mywynne

    Might be a goofy question, but when aiming for a “nice and level side profile”, what do you aim to line up for the best shot? (I find sometimes when the angle is a bit off, it’s super distracting – not your photos, just in general)

    • Piotr Kiedrowicz

      Look at drop bars in those pictures – allign so that from the perspective you could only see the side (of the bended piece) closer to you. It’s rather difficult to explain in writing – but in general – wheels in one line and bars as if you wanted to hide to left side

      • mywynne

        Cool, I see what you’re talking about. Cheers.

        • Yeah, I wasn’t even going to begin to explain that. hahaha

          • mywynne

            It’s pretty much what I assumed from looking, but nice to hear someone else confirm it.

    • Jamie McKeon

      a good question, depending on lens it’s harder. when i do it i try to align the drops, but i find sometimes the seatstays will look slightly off.

  • adanpinto

    Agree, lot of disc brakes (too many for my likes ;-). I don’t know how it’s in live but I love this Avery Co Cycles.